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Common Questions
1.) Why is www.globalproject.is not under a .com designation?

The "is" designation was chosen due to an increase in censorship by corporate, social media giants, violence espoused by anyone who has facts or even a differing opinion and the overall climate that differing views should be subject to shaming, doxing, outing, assaulting and even being murdered. Free speech is on the downtrend by those who hold the keys to uphold it. People, whistleblowers, reporters and anyone else with information... everyday they are murdered which has created a climate of fear.

2.) Can I become a member?

Global Project does not offer memberships at this time or the ability for visitors to post to the research project. If you have questions, inquiries, want to partner up, help with the research or anything else then please contact us at - contact@globalproject.is (Please do not send unsolicited attachments. They won't be opened.)

3.) Why aren't visitors allowed to post to any of the threads?

The idea behind Global Project is to maintain threads that expose the power-hungry globalists and their foot-soldiers who aim to limit humanity and make people dependent upon a central authority. Maintaining and developing the project can't be accomplished with everyone posting to the project. There are too many opinions and it is the intent of the project to remain focused and streamlined as opposed to a place for debate.

4.) What can I do to help create solutions?

Quit running to old ideas in order to create new paradigms (e.g. democrats, republicans, socialism, communism). Instead civilization needs think tanks, thought leaders, innovators, creative people, artists, scientists, inventors, people with college degrees or without to come up with fresh ideas to not only keep nations sovereign but to also help on a larger scale - a hybrid of sovereignty and non-invasive globalization. Balance is key, not centralization of everything.

Send in your fresh ideas to contact@globalproject.is (Please do not send unsolicited attachments. They won't be opened.)

5.) How does Global Project make a profit?

Global Project does not require a fee to research the data at this time. The only way to help Global Project is to send a donation of any amount in the form of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum.

Make sure to copy and paste the appropriate address listed in order to send your anonymous donation:



Bitcoin Cash:




Make sure to double-check that you're donating to the appropriate address above. Thank you for your generosity!

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