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Admin December 11th, 2018 11:17 PM

Two Powerful Sectors Will Continue Their 180 Degree Turn
[B]1.)[/B] Governments across the globe, over time, will continue their march away from their own people and towards the defense of globalists and their policies.

We can see in France how people are [URL=""]revolting against the fuel tax[/URL] designed to fund "green" energy.

We can also see across the EU that many [URL=""]natives are fighting back[/URL] against the "progressive" open border policies and the allowance of millions of foreigners into the EU.

These are two simple examples how government will defend globalization and fight back against those natives who desire their sovereign nation back.

[B]2.)[/B] The internet [URL=""]used to be about new ideas[/URL], new technology, new business models and freedom of thought, expression and speech. Today those same companies who fostered these ideals (e.g. Google, YouTube, [URL=""]Facebook[/URL], Twitter and others) are now working with the NSA and even foreign governments; [URL=""]such as China[/URL] in order to [url=]suppress free thought and speech[/url].

These social media giants along with the support of "progressive" leading government agencies have turned into censorship machines against those who support sovereignty.

[B]To add further proof that there is an attack upon freedom and especially the unlimited mind of mankind---> [URL=""]Random, Historical Timeline How The System Has Made Citizens More Dependent[/URL][/B]

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