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Admin February 28th, 2020 12:48 AM

Father Fighting Canadian Courts To Save 14 Year Old Daughter From Going Trans
[B][URL=""]Father Fighting Canadian Courts To Save 14 Year Old Daughter From Going Trans[/URL][/B]

[B]Excerpt:[/B] [I]In a series of decisions over the past year, a Canadian court in British Columbia has ruled that a 14-year-old girl who believes she is “transgender” can go through medical procedures to “change” her sex to a boy – despite her father’s fierce objections.
[I]These procedures include puberty-blockers and opposite-sex hormones. According to the hospital’s own consent forms (which the father refused to sign), these drugs are experimental and will cause sterility and other dangerous side effects, such as unhealthy bone growth. The effects are irreversible. But the court is ignoring those dangers. At this point, the father reports his daughter is already growing facial hair and has a deepened voice.[/I]

[I]The court has severely clamped down on public reporting of this. The father is prohibited from discussing the case with media (or anyone else who might publish his remarks). He is banned from mentioning his own name, his daughter’s name, or the names of any of the doctors involved with the medical procedures, in regard to this case. Anyone in Canada who has posted articles or videos that disobey that ban has been ordered to remove them under threat of arrest.[/I]

- [B][/B]

The reason the courts hide cases like this, banning the father from even speaking out for fear of arrest is because the public backlash could grow against these government decisions to manipulate and intimidate parents and their natural parental rights.

Others believe it is hate against trans when in fact it is love for the child and their health and well-being... to save them from outside, toxic voices who aim to harm the child's mental health and lead them into a world of confusion and self-detachment from the reality of the natural world and a natural state of being.

This mandate by the court is simply an extension of the attacks on the natural family unit and the future of people as independent beings who love nature, morality and cleanliness of the heart.

It takes guts and love for family to fight against this powerful system; a system built upon deception and secrecy. When the courts come after someone it is hard to stand up but this father loves his daughter more than his own freedom. What he is doing is truly living and truly fighting.

[B]Remember This---> [URL=""]Doctors Advise How To Bypass Parents To Make Children Trans[/URL][/B]

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