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Admin October 9th, 2019 10:25 PM

African Localism Being Replaced By Global Supply Chain
[B][URL=""]African Localism Being Replaced By Global Supply Chain[/URL][/B]

[B]Excerpt:[/B] [I]Somalian weavers are battling to preserve the use of local fabrics and the wearing of traditional clothes.
[I]Influx of cheap clothes and textiles from China and other countries is threatening the livelihood of weavers and ones lucrative business.[/I]


This is one part of the globalist scenario that I have been warning visitors to this site about.

Globalists; such as China, America and others are moving cheap products into sovereign nations and outselling those of traditional/local products... displacing local culture and tradition for more "fashionable" and "trendy" products.

The locals lose their business due to a lack of sales from hard competition (foreign governments/companies) who's aim is to take over the nation economically.

Local, corrupt government officials, who only care about being paid off, and the global industrialists, work in tandem to satisfy greed and the desire for power. This is the turning over of sovereign nations and its people to globalists (in the background) who end up owning the country, bringing it deeper into the fold of a global economic system where all people will eventually all look and think alike... conformist sheep where diversity does not exist.

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