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Cast Iron Cookware Is Timeless And Durable
[B][url=]Cast Iron Cookware Is Timeless And Durable[/url][/B]

[B]Excerpt:[/B][I] [URL=""]Cast iron[/URL] is coming back into fashion in a lot of ways. Even in the cities, many people cook over a gas stove with cast iron cookware. Poisonous Teflon coating is avoided, as well as “Chinese Steel,” a term of yours truly to describe steel that appears to be stainless, but is not totally steel and is mixed with other metals. Aluminum is not good to cook with and high concentrations in the bloodstream are linked to Alzheimer’s in studies.
[I]Cast iron is durable, versatile, and not expensive. It can work on the happy Hallmark home stovetop, on a wood stove, or over a campfire. The main reason people do not use it is that they perceive it as something that is difficult to clean, and it really is not. If it’s well seasoned and you don’t burn the food in it, then cleaning it is easy. Seasoning is a way to prepare your cast iron cookware by [URL=""]cleaning it and oiling it[/URL] (with food oil, nothing petroleum-based), and then baking it in an oven for an hour or more until the oil dries.[/I]

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