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Default Scientists Say Fast-Food Can Cause Dementia

Scientists Say Fast-Food Can Cause Dementia

Excerpt: Prof Nicolas Cherbuin, who led the research published in Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, said: “We’ve found strong evidence that people’s unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise for sustained periods of time puts them at serious risk of developing type 2 diabetes and significant declines in brain function, such as dementia and brain shrinkage.

“People are eating away at their brain with a really bad fast-food diet and little-to-no exercise.”


I think that this is common sense. Then again whoever said common sense is common?

So remember the movie "Super Size Me"? Basically the lead goes out and eats McDonald's fast-food for one month. If McDonald's asks him if he wants to super-size his meal... he does.

What happens? He gains weight and his blood pressure goes up as well. His doctor tells him the diet could eventually kill him.

So eating lots of fast-food has been known to be bad for a long time now.

The issue is that we have become so lazy with our lack of exercise, lack of outdoor work, lack of reading a book... we are falling apart mentally, physically and spiritually and that is the perfect model for creating dumb followers of a global regime who will make our lives so much better or so they claim.
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