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Default 2019: World's Largest Grocery Store Chains

2019: World's Largest Grocery Store Chains

Excerpt: Here are the top 10 supermarket, or grocery store, chains in the world, with their rank among all retailers in the list, country of origin, and FY 2017 retail revenue, in billions.

Kroger Co., 3, U.S., $119.0
Ahold Delhaize, 11, Netherlands, $72.31
Albertsons Companies, Inc., 15, U.S., $59.9
Edeka Group, 17, Germany, $57.51
REWE Combine, 19, Germany, $49.71
Wesfarmers Ltd., 21, Australia, $48.8
Woolsworth Ltd., 22, Australia, $42.9
Publix Super Markets, Inc., 31, U.S., $34.8
Intermarché, 33, France, $31.91,2
H.E. **** Grocery Co., 38, U.S., $24.62

1Includes both wholesale and retail sales.


That's a lot of power being the top food supply chain company. We all know that Whole Foods was recently acquired by Amazon.

Eventually one corporation will run the entire food supply chain across the world. It will take time. Decades? Longer? Things are accelerating so quickly it's hard to tell. But after one buyout after another... one merger after another... this greed for power will rule everyone, everywhere.

Think about this. It's not okay for someone to get so big that they can literally control the global food supply and that is exactly what is happening.