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Default American Psychological Association Says Racism + Capitalism (All-In-One) A Disease!

American Psychological Association Says Racism + Capitalism (All-In-One) A Disease!

Excerpt: Today’s inequities, psychologists say, are deeply rooted in our past, and the status quo is no longer acceptable. “Every institution in America is born from the blood of white supremacist ideology and capitalism—and that’s the disease,” says Theopia Jackson, PhD, president of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi).

- breitbart.com

First off, hating on people because of skin color isn't the right way to behave. It is uncivilized.

Today and in the past there are and were many colors of people who hate/d other people for their color. There are many people of varying colors who hate particular religions, creeds and tribes. There are even powerful people who hate certain leaders of particular nations because they won't step in line with the globalist agenda.

The point is that people hating others, disliking others, having preferences of one over another... all of this is natural although it's not right in a civilized society where one is expected to behave a certain way (with manners and politeness) but we have industries; such as social media, Hollywood, the music industry, the news corporations who all focus on hating on others with skewed reporting, hateful lyrics in music and censoring of conservative thought.

Now, today we have the American Psychological Association saying that racism as we understand it is based upon the American version and that system hence version is called capitalism.

Do you see how eloquently these medical "professionals" have slapped those two completely different worlds together?

By demonizing capitalism of which includes small mom-and-pop businesses, farmers, athletes, restaurants, taxi drivers, etc. they have now defined and diagnosed the freest economic system on the planet with the most oppressive word on the planet---> r-a-c-i-s-m... a disease.

That's a major coup for the globalists in their war on nationalism and sovereign nations everywhere. To get the endorsement of a major medical association that capitalism is the overall problem as that is the system that oppresses others based upon race is a leftist ideology win.

Inch by inch these "progressives" and these medical "professionals" who come up with terms like homophobia because you don't want another man's junk in your rear... this is pure theater and deception.

The lengths that these "progressives", leftists and globalists will go to to malign people, to lie, to support looters and rioters (but arrest those who don't want to wear a face mask)... this world and goodness has been turned upside down by deceivers who aim for power over you.

These groups aren't fighting for your freedom. They are fighting to take it away so they can tell you what to do.
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