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Exclamation COVID-19 Making Producers Trash Milk, Fruit And Meat! What's Behind This?

COVID-19 Making Producers Trash Milk, Fruit And Meat! What's Behind This?

Excerpt: Farmers globally are grappling with excess supplies of their products as their harvests cannot get to their intended customers due to disruptions from the coronavirus pandemic.

Production and harvests are being disrupted as lockdowns and movement restrictions restrict transportation, labor, and demand.

- cnbc.com

VIDEO: Shad Sullivan, Bitter Creek, Northern Texas Cattle Farmer, Meat Supplier Forced To Euthanize Cattle Yet US Has Beef Contract With Namibia?

- youtube.com

Obviously the main reason for the trashing of food and euthanizing ranch animals is because of less demand from restaurants, schools and people who have no job/less money.

Unfortunately many of these producers don't have a way to donate any of the excess food due to packaging and delivery logistics.

As food producers ratchet down their production there will be less food items/choices for all, creating more competition to get food into homes and less donations for struggling people.

The odd thing about this is the rancher, Shad Sullivan who must euthanize his cattle yet the US has a beef contract with Namibia, Africa. Why would we allow American ranchers to struggle (even go out of business) and give business to Namibia at this crucial time where American businesses need the most support... worse than the 2008 financial crisis?

This type of government action is not conducive to creating strong businesses within the nation.

Ultimately what happens is that smaller businesses that supply food (milk, fruit, vegetables, meat) go out of business from major disasters like this while the multinational corporations can survive on government contracts and sheer backing of previous profits helping them weather the storm.

One would think that our tax funded government representatives would pass on foreign contracts to help local business but that is not in the playbook for globalization.

Those that own the largest companies that involve food; such as Tyson, KRAFT, Heinz, Walmart, Amazon... these massive companies aim to control the supply chain in their market... food supply. This COVID-19 crisis is the perfect opportunity to strike and take out small mom-and-pop businesses in order to gather up more market share. This is no accident. This is about control over the globe.
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