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Exclamation Professors Calling To Shutdown STEM As It Is Anti-Black/Racist!

Professors Calling To Shutdown STEM As It Is Anti-Black/Racist!

Excerpt: Professors, researchers, and students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics field from around the country are taking part Wednesday in the #ShutDownSTEM movement to combat what they say is systemic racism in academia. They argue that the STEM field itself creates technology that is “weaponized against black people.”

Through taking part in this movement, these scientists believe they can help bring about an end to “the white supremacy that not only snuffs out Black physicist dreams but destroys whole Black lives."

More than 5,500 professors, researchers, and STEM students had signed the pledge to participate in the strike as of noon Eastern Daylight Time on Wednesday.

- campusreform.org

The ideas and notions behind the Black Lives Matter movement is driven by misplaced anger with the intent to smash everything.

When a black man is killed by a white cop the mob goes crazy and destroys businesses nationwide. When blacks kill each other in the hood... they don't say a word. The hypocrisy is loud. Black Lives Matter is silent or some say, "Snitches get stitches."

This anti-racist narrative is based on the idea of destroying anything Caucasian (or of some other race... Korean store owner... Jewish store owner) and if not destroying it... then handing it over. And it's not Caucasian products or lifestyles... its all that and more by people who work for it... Caucasians, Asians, Mexicans, other blacks, etc.

See, it's the thug that wants there's too. The tearing down of society isn't backed by those who worked and have stuff... it is those who work little to none and just want what others worked for and are pissed that they couldn't make the grade due to a lack of focus or regret in their later years. Those regretful people are prompted by groups who aim to destroy America and usher in globalization. These anti-American groups use the fires of discontent to propel this mob.

You may say that those academics who signed the petition to shutdown STEM are supportive. Really? I doubt that because it's more about intimidation than real facts. Even in the article the threat is made--->

One scholar and self-proclaimed “leading expert on wokeness,” James Lindsay, who is best known for his participation in a project that exposed the faulty review process of academic journals by submitting hoax papers that were ultimately published by such publications, tweeted, that "one point of #ShutDownSTEM is to find out who doesn't do it (maybe they're working on a Covid-19 vaccine?) and to use that against them later, just like happened at Evergreen State College with its Day of Absence."

Now let's get to STEM. Science does not lie. The only time science does lie is when facts are omitted; such as with journalism. Paid for or sponsored science by a corporation with an agenda to sell a certain product is questionable. The science of biology, that there are two sexes/genders, male and female... that is real science.

The idea that STEM is weaponized against black people? How? You either have the genetic gift or the ability to work towards working in the STEM field. This is fact. Everyone cannot be physicists just like everyone can be a dishwasher. It takes brain power beyond the average person to be a strong STEM scholar or researcher. Yet it is racist? Weaponized?

This is the high intelligence part that people are calling racist. For a well ran society you need people of all talents and they must be happy with themselves and not jealous of others who may have other genetic gifts or ability to work harder... meaning if you can't pass the test then do something else. Move on and get yours through your talents. Not everyone will make it. America isn't about everyone making it. It's about having a dream or two and going for it on your own merits and how you behave and treat others. It wasn't designed for handouts and everyone being "equal" in every way. That is not America. America is the land of dreams.

Today America is being attacked from the young school years on up. Can't you see? ANTIFA is not a true ally for the black community because ANTIFA and globalists aim to destroy everything some black people want as opposed to providing them the education and tools for them to get it.

Black anger is being misused by America's enemies and they are falling into the same trap they think they are setting for Caucasians.

The ugly in all this is that the American dream, today, is being quashed via the displacement of human workers with robotics and AI. The shutting down of businesses due to Covid-19. These are actions by government and corporations who aim to undermine America. Multinational companies care not for one nation. Democrats care not for one nation... heck even Republicans don't care. The system has been rigged now, today.

So black Americans... your anger is misplaced and it should be against ANTIFA, social media companies and globalist organizations. You are being used as America is being wrecked by you.

The devil is in the details.
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