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Default US Govt. Happy Their Sanctions Against Syria Are Destroying Syria's Markets

US Govt. Happy Their Sanctions Against Syria Are Destroying Syria's Markets

Excerpt: The U.S. envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, said in a video interview with a number of Syrians abroad two days ago that the U.S. sanctions against Damascus “contributed to the collapse of the value of the Syrian pound” and that “the Syrian regime is no longer able to manage an effective economic policy, or launder money from Lebanese banks, due to the economic crisis that is also affecting Lebanon. ”

The Caesar Law, in addition to the Syrian government, targets all individuals and companies who provide funding or assistance to Syria, as well as a number of Syrian industries, including those related to infrastructure, military maintenance, and energy production.

- almasdarnews.com

What actions are these? These actions are that of the push of economic coercion for the globalists.

This is about the control of a natural gas pipeline infrastructure as yet to be built. This is about the Syrian Government standing up to the invasion by western powers.

American tax dollars are being used to do these things to other nations. Fact.

Just as "progressives" are taking over America and opening it up to anyone at any time, the US government is trying to break Syria and open it up too.

Just as America was built on dreams and hard work, not handouts, it is also to be a nation of freedom and justice for its people, not a police-state for the globe.
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