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Exclamation Big Corporations Drop Black Characters On Products Due To Perceived Racism

Big Corporations Drop Black Characters On Products Due To Perceived Racism

Excerpt: B&G said in a statement that the company is “initiating an immediate review of the Cream of Wheat brand packaging.”

B&G said it recognized public concerns regarding the “Chef image” and committed to proactively take steps to ensure the brand does not “inadvertently contribute to systemic racism.”

PepsiCo got the ball rolling Wednesday morning with the announcement that it would replace its Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup with a completely new brand...

Mars announced a makeover for the Uncle Ben’s brand, saying it would “evolve” the “visual brand” of its rice, which features the likeness of a Black man.

Conagra Brands said it would carry out a complete brand and packaging review of its pancake syrup brand Mrs. Butterworth’s; the company said the character is meant to evoke “a loving grandma,”...

- forbes.com

Since the death of George Floyd, a black man in police custody by a white police officer, the rioting, the looting, the demanding of "defunding the police", the taking down of historical statues and even the takeover of six blocks in Seattle... now the demonization of black characters (chefs and "loving grandmas") as purely racist has begun... the world is on its knees to the Black Lives Matter organization and their toxic allies, ANTIFA.

Can you believe it?

I can. You see, these multinational, global food corporations could care less. All they care about is making money and what is "good" at the time, what is "popular"... that is where they aim in order to appear as one with the masses or the mob.

These changes are to stay in power, catering to a voice that isn't unifying but is divisive because, you know... white is not a color when it comes to people of color according to the extremists and it appears that many from the bottom to the top are supporting this extremist type of thinking... division, attack, muzzle. If you speak in any other way... racist is the universal label for anyone white.

Remember Nike's big deal for Collin Kaepernick cause he started taking the knee during the national anthem? Nike never cared about that. They cared about dollars. That's it and that's why they are globalists... allegiance to no nation, no movement... only the bottom line.

If these big corporations cared so much they wouldn't fire their American workers and hire cheap, slave labor in China or other nations but these angry voices won't see it like that. They see these big corporations as friends who put their global image on the line for the fight against racism. Yet this fight against racism is small... it's the fight against globalists that needs to transpire. It's the globalists that can create any image they want and survive through time because they are worth billions. You can't hurt them with the pocketbook because there's only so much competition out there. Their products will be purchased no matter how much you say "no".

As the call for equality continues, that everything in society was built on racism and is therefore bad... society will devolve into a place of dependence upon masters who provide everything equally; a set of clothes, a tiny condo, a bicycle, some boring food and a couple bus passes. Welcome to the new world where all is equal and valueless.

Side-Note: Aunt Jemima Was A Real Person Who Served Pancakes Everywhere... Being Erased By False Accusations Of Racism
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