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Old June 26th, 2020, 12:51 AM
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Exclamation Lincoln County, Oregon Mandates White People Wear Face-masks!

Lincoln County, Oregon Mandates White People Wear Face-masks!

Excerpt: Lincoln County, Oregon, has exempted non-white people from a new order requiring that face coverings be worn in public — to prevent racial profiling.

But people of color do not have to follow the new rule if they have “heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment” over wearing the masks, officials said.

- nypost.com

Remember when the Nazis made the Jews wear the yellow star of David to identify them as Jews... enemies to the Nazi regime?

What is so different here?

I guess it's not enough that liberal Caucasians are feeling so guilty that they feel that they must...

VIDEO: Caucasian Woman Kneels On Demand To BLM

VIDEO: Large Group Of Caucasians Kneel And Ask For Forgiveness From Standing BLM Group

This is troubling... on one hand we have black people who believe that they are perpetually oppressed in America and on the other hand we have white people who believe that they oppress black people by simply being alive in America... a white privilege that holds all black people down.

Do you see how these minds on both sides have been enslaved in order to make one side hate the other and the other to hate one's self... this leads to the weakening of one group and having power over it.

America is for all colors but the media and those that give racists a soapbox wouldn't have anyone believe that. They want to make America appear as the most dysfunctional, racist nation on the planet yet millions want to come here because they know the lie... why do they know? Because racism and people not liking others is rampant across the globe. There is no monopoly on one group or snippet of a group who may not like another group for whatever reason (race, clothing choice, personality, economic class, etc.). This is why this extreme focus on race is so ridiculous. Yes, the division works. The propaganda works. But the narrow minds who fall for it... they are all leading us into such a weakened state.

Why can't we all just be good neighbors and try to make America united in its innovation, borders, work, creativity?


Now... we've gotten to the point that only white people must wear face masks as if to muzzle them.
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