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Default ANTIFA Document On Tactics Used To Takeover Police Station

ANTIFA Document On Tactics Used To Takeover Police Station

Excerpt: ...these radical insurrectionists are so highly funded, organized, and armed should be a cause for concern among Americans...

...what we’re dealing with is more than a mere unruly mob. It’s a well-planned rebellion playing out on the streets of urban America.

The author explains that the key to their victory over police was the combination of violent members of the “crowd” with nonviolent ones, the latter giving the former cover to attack police while making law-enforcement officers hesitant to hit back with lethal force:

We call the battles of the second and third days at the Precinct a siege because the police were defeated by attrition. The pattern of the battle was characterized by steady intensification punctuated by qualitative leaps due to the violence of the police and the spread of the conflict into looting and attacks on corporate-owned buildings. The combination of the roles listed above helped to create a situation that was unpoliceable, yet which the police were stubbornly determined to contain. The repression required for every containment effort intensified the revolt and pushed it further out into the surrounding area. By Day Three, all of the corporate infrastructure surrounding the Third Precinct had been destroyed and the police had nothing but a “kingdom of ashes” to show for their efforts. Only their Precinct remained, a lonely target with depleted supplies. The rebels who showed up on Day Three found an enemy teetering on the brink. All it needed was a final push.

- thenewamerican.com

Did you read that? Now go read the the entire write-up at the link above. This is not a group of untrained dummies. Yes, many in the throngs of the mob are just that... but there is a core group that is elevating the training to attack Americans and destroy them and its institutions.

Obviously I don't agree with American politicians or many of their crony-capitalists in the halls of power but I don't agree with the destruction of America for communism.

We can do better. But clearly there is an enemy in the midst of this all and it is growing stronger. It has help from "progressive" politicians and big globalist money.

If someone doesn't step up to these groups who aim to break America and take away our earning opportunities whether it be from the ANTIFA communists or the corporate supplied robots taking workers jobs... this nation is done and its dreams toast.

UPDATE 07/23/20:

VIDEO: Grant Park, Coordinated Ambush Of Police Officers By ANTIFA

The video is official footage from Chicago city cams and police cams of ANTIFA hiding behind umbrellas, changing into their signature black clothing/uniforms, getting tons of projectiles ready to toss and attacking the police in a coordinated fashion. This was not a peaceful protest gone awry. This was a premeditated attack on the police aiming for bodily harm. Forty-nine officers were injured and eighteen were hospitalized.

ANTIFA are foot-soldiers, allies of forces aiming to create chaos and undermine America.
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