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Default VIDEO: ANTIFA Attacks Hispanic Father & Son And Big Picture Repercussions

VIDEO: ANTIFA Attacks Hispanic Father & Son And Big Picture Repercussions

BerkeleyPolice Allow ANTIFA To Jump Barricade To Attack Others

The same city that has its mayor as "friends" with BAMN!

Did you see the pack of Stalinist/communists rush in on the two? Did you hear the whistles to call in reinforcements? Did you see the crazy lady attacking the long haired young man as she screamed like a savage?

This is organized and funded chaos to foment civil war in America with fingerprints of the globalists all over it. The "progs" and the globalists want the destruction of what was once the freest nation on earth where one could make their dreams a reality with some hard work. A place where government was by the people for the people.

Now America is awash in people who don't want to assimilate, people who hate free-markets, people who instead of getting America back to its free roots want to burn the whole thing down.

Such fools. So ignorant to their potential. Instead they march and attack anyone who disagrees with their desire to make everyone the same - oppressed under a totalitarian global government.

On a side-note those two should have run. But in panic mode some people do that - panic. That was a horrible scene.

On one other note do you see the trend of how things are ratcheting up and getting worse? All of these movie stars are calling for a revolt against Trump and even Free Speech. All of these movie star fools who make millions and want to stay relevant but would never go into the mob. And the mob listens like dummies looking for easy money as opposed to trying to carve out a nice life.

Now this happens. With all of the ANTIFA attacks. The BAMN attacks. The anarchist attacks. The communists who hate the USA attacks... Trump Lifts Ban On Military Gear For Police

What I was afraid of. The US because of these anti-American groups who attack anyone will become more of a totalitarian police state. The exact thing I don't want to happen. One side ratchets up and then the other side will until there is civil war and less and less freedom because of the selfish communists and the perfectly planned script by government and the globalists.

It's all falling into place nicely for everyone except for Americans who aren't communists or Nazis. Who just want to make a good living and be friends with anyone of any color. Us Americans are losing our country to idiots.
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