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Exclamation Leftists Cancel Women's March Because Majority Attendees Are White

Leftists Cancel Women's March Because Majority Attendees Are White

Excerpt: Organizers of a women's march rally planned for a predominantly white area in Northern California have decided to cancel the rally over concerns that attendees would have been "overwhelmingly white" and thus not representative of the area's true demographic diversity.

When will some Caucasians wake up to the fact that they are being used to fight against themselves and they don't even know it?

Apparently white women don't bring any value to this particular cause... well besides knowing how to organize.

The anti-white garbage taught in colleges today... look at how this extreme racism has now leaked into the left movement where white women are trying to push the leftist agenda... and now it's truly showing it's true colors.

Hating white people because... ?

This site nor the researchers condone racism... but defending white women will be construed as racist against others. This is stupid. The racism is from those who cancel an event because of too much of one race will be there.

Berkeley Prof. Wants To End Teacher Evals As Male, Caucasian Teachers Score Higher

"Professor" Who Celebrates Death Of Mrs. Bush Says White Editors Must Resign!

Students Continue Their Anti-White Activities/Evergreen State College
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