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Default Out-Of-Thin-Air, Frances Counter-Protesters, The Red Scarves Against Yellow Vests

Out-Of-Thin-Air, Frances Counter-Protesters, The Red Scarves Against Yellow Vests

Excerpt: As the “Yellow Vest,” or Gilet Jaunes, protest in France continues to perplex and concern the French government and European elites, a new “counter-protest” has emerged in response to the popular protest movement now entering its 12th week.

Protesters branding themselves as the “Red Scarves,” or Foulards Rouge, descended on Paris this past Sunday in order to protest the “violence” of some Gilet Jaunes protesters and a desire to see the country return to “normalcy.” The French government, which has sought to weaken and disperse the Yellow Vests movement since its inception, stated that the Red Scarves numbered around 10,500 in Paris, while other reports claimed that the demonstration was significantly smaller than the government-supplied figure.

According to reports from mainstream outlets, the Red Scarves movement – which was joined by another pro-government counter-protest group, the “Blue Vests”...

Amazing how fast a protest can be drummed up. Did you know that there are literally companies that will manufacture a protest for you? They will supply the buses and the bodies.

What is real these days or should I say genuine?

Here is a company that provides demonstrators: www.crowdsondemand.com

Article exposing the rent-a-mobs of the anti-cop protests in Ferguson: Ferguson Rent-A-Mobs Exposed
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