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Default "Progressive" French Government Aims To Hide Facts From Citizens

Le Pen Ordered To Stand Trial By Globalist, French Government

Excerpt: A judge ruled in the Western Paris suburb of Nanterre ordered Le Pen to face a charge of circulating "violent messages that incite terrorism or pornography or seriously harm human dignity," which included the brutal beheading of journalist James Foley, according to France24. Another depicted a man in an orange jumpsuit being run over by a tank, while a third photo Le Pen posted was of captured Jordanian air force pilot Muath Al-Kasasbeh being burned alive in a cage in January 2015.

"Daesh is this!" wrote Le Pen in a caption, using the terror group's Arabic acronym.

The hiding of the truth, the hiding of facts and knowledge to keep people safe and the goal to pacify people into sheep-like followers continues by the "progressive", globalist leaning authorities in France.

This isn't about going out and hurting people, this is about informing people what to look out for and to get active to address the situation. You see, The People of the sovereign nation have no choice but to read and listen to state propaganda while others who warn The People are attacked by the state.

The true meaning of globalization is the monopolization of not just all supply chains but also information sources and how those sources are allowed to be interpreted.
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