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Exclamation Yoga Instructor Brainwashes Students To Purge Their "Whiteness"

Yoga Instructor Brainwashes Students To Purge Their "Whiteness"

Excerpt: A Seattle yoga instructor is teaching a class that is aimed at “Undoing Whiteness,” by showing white yoga students how white supremacy is present in their “body, mind and heart.”

Humpf claims that she decided to offer the class after watching the “racist ways,” in which white people showed up to yoga classes.

“White-bodied people need to understand that just because you aren’t a former KKK member doesn’t mean you aren’t upholding white supremacy when you aren’t learning to do it,” says williams, a Zen priest and founder of Center for Transformative Change in Berkeley, California, who frequently writes on racial justice.”

- breitbart.com

Sounds like these "social justice warriors" actually have nothing better to do than to:

1.) Have some form of passive-aggressive hatred for Caucasians

2.) Have nothing better to do than follow a doctrine designed to destroy an entire race of people - Caucasians

What's sad is the term "white bodied" as if that explains it all... skin color.

Yes, we are all human and we all offer unique cultures, perspectives, viewpoints and talents... yet these "progressives" simply want to categorize all people by skin color alone and nothing else. They are haters of diversity, wanting everyone to look and think alike.

The lack of depth for the human, the unlimited mind, the creativity... these "progressives" are the perfect foot-soldiers for the globalists to create division in sovereign nations by pointing out one group as racist.

Ignorance is bliss... yoga bliss.

Now mix this anti-Caucasian behavior with anti-masculinity behavior and you get the ultimate destruction of hetero, Caucasian males and patriarchy. What a a web these "progressives" weave---> Planet Fitness Creating A Toxic Environment & Mindset?
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