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Default The End of Work by Jeremy Rifkin

The End of Work: The Decline of the Global Labor Force and the Dawn of the Post-Market Era

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Jeremy Rifkin's Website

From Publishers Weekly:

In this challenging report, social activist Rifkin (Biosphere Politics) contends that worldwide unemployment will increase as new computer-based and communications technologies eliminate tens of millions of jobs in the manufacturing, agricultural and service sectors. He traces the devastating impact of automation on blue-collar, retail and wholesale employees, with a chapter devoted to African Americans. While a small elite of corporate managers and knowledge workers reap the benefits of the high-tech global economy, the middle class continues to shrink and the workplace becomes ever more stressful, according to Rifkin. As the market economy and public sector decline, he forsees the growth of a "third sector"-voluntary and community-based service organizations-that will create new jobs with government support to rebuild decaying neighborhoods and provide social services. To finance this enterprise, he advocates scaling down the military budget, enacting a value-added tax on nonessential goods and services and redirecting federal and state funds to provide a "social wage" in lieu of welfare payments to third-sector workers.

The information is fascinating. I've always enjoyed Mr. Rifkin's writing. He claims that we (you and I) are akin to the horse during the Industrial Revolution... no longer needed. Robots and AI will take over our jobs.

The sick thing about this is the new society that will emerge out of this economic chaos. We will all be dependent upon it. Yet this is no accident. The wars, market turmoil, and attacks on Christianity that we see today are fomented by globalists who wish to destroy the freedoms and the capitalism that keeps us independent in order to make us all dependent.

Rifkin's book is correct. But it is no accident. This is planned chaos.
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