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Default What is the Race Card all about?

Racism has been transformed into a one-sided issue. Racism used to be about one race of people not liking another race of people which can also be applied to individuals as well.

Today the re-branding of racism and its definition has turned the U.S. upside down. It is where "progressives" claim that people of color can't be racist because in America they live within a white system under white oppression. This system is the true and only racist - white people and the system that they built... with slave labor of course. We cannot forget the slaves of history. Only blacks were slaves. Only whites enslaved blacks. False! False! False!

Never mind that America is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave where the President of the United States is of mixed race... well he identifies with black people only but, nonetheless, races of all backgrounds and colors can be extremely wealthy (Oprah) to extremely poor. Wealth or poverty does not discriminate.

Yet with all of these success stories, racism is screamed at the drop of a hat. A police officer is racist for shooting Micheal Brown (a black man) that attacked aggressively. White people are racist for being white (white privilege). An airline stewardess is racist for not serving a soda the way a Muslim woman wanted it served. A Catholic school is racist for making Muslim students shave beards (official school policy).

It is beyond ridiculous. The "progressives" will do anything to lay blame on one group (whites) in order to keep another group in a victimized, mental state. This is not only dangerous for white people but it makes those who scream racism for any reason what so ever totally dependent upon a system that aims to strangle freedom, liberty, independence, and critical thinking. It is a narrow-minded, one-sided ideology that promotes Big Government. This is mental slavery - racism that doesn't want people of color to be independent and intelligent. The "progressives" simply want to to rile them up into a bloodthirsty mob in order to enact laws that will strangle America.

If one studies American culture and how the media portrays this nation he or she would be lead to believe that people of color, especially blacks, have been victimized so badly, everyday, by every white person. The media churns out books and movies like "Roots" to continue the mentality and anger of slavery. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson take every opportunity to scream racism, rallying mobs whether the racial facts are true or not. It's embarrassing.

This is a ploy. A ploy to blow up the illusion that there is no equality in America. It is a weapon the "progressives" use to exploit any discrepancy or simply make one up in order to make accusations against innocent people so Big Government will enact new laws to placate the false narrative and create a tighter grip on The People overall.

There are groups that literally pay people to show up on union picket lines, marches, and participate in riots in order to further the destruction of America. It is sad that people fall for the "us against them" scenario. Americans going against one another while the globalists (e.g. George Soros) continue to destroy America, make profits, deny certain history (white slavery) in order to reap the harvest. The real racists are the "progressives" and the globalists. They claim to know what's best by stirring the hornet's nest and then setting it on fire. Arise, mob... now die, mob... the globalists will win at this rate if people don't wake up.

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