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Default New EU Law Regulates Tolerance - Citizens Post "Bad" Speech Taken To Jail!

Here's The Article


Q: So what does this law basically do?

A: It basically removes free speech and makes free speech illegal and punishable by jail in the EU.

On the first glance this law should fight "hate speech" against "minorities". However its pretty bad for all EU citizens:

So for example if I say now "Gypsies are thief's" or "Homosexuals are bad" or something similar I have made a criminal offense and I must go to jail. There is no length of jail time defined in this law, so its up to the judge to decide. I could end up in jail for one hour, or 10 years. Both is perfectly fine.

If a child (minor) says something like above, this law demands that this child must be put into a reeducation camp and it must be "reeducated" there. Again there is no mention how long this "reeducation" should be.

Link to the actual PDF of the Tolerance Laws---> LINK

Here Are The New Arrests Because Of Thought Control Laws

Excerpt: In more recent years, the legislation has been used to arrest Twitter users responsible for making racist or anti-Muslim comments. Among the scores of those recently arrested for inflammatory posts was a Scottish resident who had been using Facebook as a platform to espouse his disdain for Syrian refugees.

This is thought-control at its finest. Anyone who disagrees and who freely calls someone a "bad" name they can and will be imprisoned.

Do you see a problem here? This is fear being placed upon our minds by government enforcers so people don't express themselves honestly and bring up real problems. And what will be next? Will real, scathing criticism of the government itself be off-limits because it offends a politician?

This is the PERFECT weapon against citizens, patriots, natives, locals, and lovers of their homeland who wish to protect the EU and its women and children from being invaded by and preyed upon from Muslim invaders.
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