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Default Survivors of BAMN Speak Out!

BAMN is a violent activist group (anti-American terrorists) that aims to attack capitalism and Caucasians in order to dismantle the American system and elevate people of "color". They aim to want to make everyone "equal"... especially black, brown, and the LGBTQ groups. Of course this will all be done how they see fit and as they define it.

This is an organization ran by dangerous people who literally house misguided youth under lock and key in order to push them over the edge to get them to perform violent acts along with ANTIFA.

Read the very real testimonials from the inside HERE!


The organization is tightly controlled by two members, the President, Shanta , and another founding member named Leland. There is no democracy in the organization. Members are encouraged to follow whatever perspective and course of action that Shanta and Leland put forward. When disagreements arise between base members of the group and the leadership (i.e. Shanta and Leland), that is when things get scary. In order to coerce people into doing what they want them to do, at the leadership’s command, this organization engages in a whole host of disgusting behavior like physically dragging people to meetings and political events, denouncing members who disagree as crazy/suicidal and encouraging them to take unprescribed medication, stealing money and i.d. cards to restrict the movement of dissident members, spreading lies about such members to turn others against them, etc. The list goes on and on. The way the organization makes this possible is often by convincing members to abandon their lives and come live in BAMN households. There, such members often become financially dependent on BAMN and many times, have no choice but to comply with orders so that they can eat and not end up homeless. Furthermore, many of the BAMN members are teenagers so this fact makes it even more possible for BAMN to prey on people that become financially dependent on them.

For more go HERE!
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