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Exclamation VIDEO: German Woman Stopped For Wearing Braids - Police Ask If Right-Wing Radical

VIDEO: German Woman Stopped For Wearing Braids - Police Ask If Right-Wing Radical

Interesting video. Obviously we could call this racial profiling of a Caucasian woman for wearing braided hair. Profiled by the police in Germany as a right-wing radical which can be construed as code for a racist in "progressive" terms.

So now German authorities are attempting to shame local, Caucasian citizens for their braids? In essence this is psychological warfare. We already have groups in America saying the American flag is racist... white milk is racist... just being a Caucasian is racist and privileged.

Do you see how this psychological game is being played? It's a war on Caucasians not by normal people of any color but by those who have an agenda to destroy Caucasians for all they have created, invented and added to human history.

Globalists can't have a people who have a genetic link or a propensity to create such free and wonderful places like America... the Bill of Rights... the Declaration of Independence.

That is what this is about. Shaming. Embarrassing. Lying about... that every Caucasian is connected to evil, atrocities and slavery. Yet... every race is guilty of those sins. It is simply used as a psychological weapon against an entire group - Caucasians to keep them on the defense.

Truly sinister.

It is this kind of shaming, this psychological warfare that aims to silence good people---> Americans Afraid To Speak Out Due To Fear Of Backlash By Extremists
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