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Default ANTIFA Aims To Incite Violence Against ICE

ANTIFA Aims To Incite Violence Against ICE

Excerpt: Journalist Andy Ngo, who was brutally attacked by Antifa in Portland, Oregon, last month, showed flyers Antifa is using to promote their effort for September, featuring images of ICE agents being murdered with bow and arrows and firebombs while anarchists bomb an ICE facility and southern border wall to let illegals flow into the U.S.

- infowars.com

This is the continued propaganda about how racist America is yet so many people come here for opportunity. These leftists are one of many prongs that are attacking the good of America... borders to keep nations safe and free of unwanted diseases, drugs, and attacks.

We all support legal immigration but people sneaking over to bankrupt the social net is a spear tip of the communists and globalists.
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