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Exclamation Bankrupt Philly Goes After Property Owners For More Money

Bankrupt Philly Goes After Property Owners For More Money

The city of Philadelphia owns the local gas company– Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW). It’s essentially a local government monopoly.

...the gas company is filing liens over people’s properties due to unpaid gas bills for as little as $300.

There is essentially zero due process here. It’s not like the gas company has to go in front of a jury and prove that there’s an unsatisfied debt.

They just have their automated system file some papers, and, poof, the lien is registered.

- sovereignman.com

Nothing like having a total lack of representation. How's it sounding to have AI take over so many aspects of our lives? Think an automated government won't be abusive in the respect that perhaps someone needs a little more time but aren't allowed extra time because the system is simply going by an algorithm?

It's time that a new form of government takes shape. These governments from city to federal all play the same play... tax and then increase even more taxes on people. This tax hike is a ponzi-scheme in the sense that the money will run out and those being taxed will be left with nothing while the government officials "did everything they could".

They never do everything they could... they do the same thing over and over again... taxes.

A new way---> Vision Of Global Project: Balanced Market & Global Sovereignty System
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