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Default Use Of Sex Dolls/Robots Fueled By Social Media Loneliness Porn Boss Says

Use Of Sex Dolls/Robots Fueled By Social Media Loneliness Porn Boss Says

Excerpt: He revealed he believes loneliness driven by social media is fueling the desire for sex robots when speaking to Daily Star Online.

“It seems impossible in today’s connected world, but loneliness is on the rise especially among the young.

“Social media seems to be anything but social, at least in the traditional sense of the word.”

- dailystar.co.uk

Agreed. Social media and the millions... even billions who are addicted to being "liked" is a major problem. Also all the youth who are addicted to video games. Both of these things are screen time that takes away from going outside and seeing family and friends.

We also have a scary political climate and thugs attacking those who love their nation... literally a people's identity creating great confusion and anger and loneliness too.

You look at 3rd world nations and you don't see the locals going out to sex robot brothels. They still have a connection to real communication. But in industrialized nations this is becoming a problem because these nations have the more advanced technology available and that availability plus the nations political climate and the "progressives" that are wrecking sovereign nations... look at what's happening today. Destruction.
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