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Default More Violence By Aggressive Vegans Against Meat Eaters

More Violence By Aggressive Vegans Against Meat Eaters

Excerpt: Incidents of vandalism and intimidation have reached such a level that the country's butchers' confederation, representing 18,000 businesses, sounded the alarm publicly in June and asked the government for protection.

"Since the start of the year, we've seen 17 butcher shop windows destroyed and dozens of acts of vandalism," Jean-Francois Guihard, head of the CFBCT confederation, told AFP.

- thelocal.fr

See how the "progressives" operate? They institute the very things they claim to be against.

They censor free speech and new ideas or ideas about politics they disagree with.

They violently attack conservatives.

They violently attack people who prepare meat---> Natalie Portman Compares Eating Meat To Nazism

Are you getting the picture? They will do anything to suppress those who don't agree with them... even to the point of using violence.
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