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Default Who Were The Kempeitai?

The Kempeitai were the WWII wartime secret police of Japan who arrested Japanese citizens for having "unpatriotic thoughts". Their official pursuit was the "Thought War".

Excerpt: Those arrested by the Kempeitai were presumed guilty and had little option of receiving civilian help and no chance to appeal for clemency. The Kempeitai officer was police investigator, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. Often, long quiet sessions of interrogation would be used, lasting until the officer received the desired answers. If these were not forthcoming, the officer would use various brutal methods to extract a confession. Tortures to the limit of human endurance, or to the point of death, were administered. These various torture methods were attested to by survivors.

- eresources.nlb.gov.sg

More info here

It would seem that the world is in a thought war between the globalists and their promises of a great utopia and national sovereignty and the work and freedom that goes along with that.
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