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Exclamation Amazon & Others Robots/Drones To Change Retail Forever

Amazon's & Others Robots And Drones To Change Retail Forever

Excerpt: Amazon’s robots signal a sea change in how the things we buy will be aggregated, stored and delivered. The company requires one minute of human labor to get a package onto a truck, but that number is headed to zero. Autonomous warehouses will merge with autonomous manufacturing and delivery to form a fully automated supply chain.

Delivery is about to change drastically too. Amazon, Google, Uber and many startups are working on autonomous delivery drones that will one day connect us to the physical cloud.

A fully automated warehouse is just the beginning. Amazon and Walmart have patented blimplike warehouses that will float 1,000 feet in the air, armed with drones ready to deliver toothpaste and toilet paper to your doorstep as if they were files. Welcome to the physical cloud.

- wsj.com

Now do you see why Amazon is so popular? They make it convenient and cheap to buy from them but they also lobby with a lot of money... appeasing politicians.

Globalists will need a massive and efficient supply chain for people everywhere... hence why Amazon is so successful. What they are doing now is preparing for a centralized government and supply line.

Amazon, Walmart, politicians... they all seek to be number one, rich and in control of people via supplies.

Without product and supplies... society as we know it, where we are dependent upon it, would crumble. Efficiency in supply is to fill the void when the economic meltdown and/or WWIII mandates the ease of ordering supplies.
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