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Exclamation Certificate Available In "Xi Jinping Thought" From Communist China

Certificate Available In "Xi Jinping Thought" From Communist China

Excerpt: The ideas of Xi, China’s most personally powerful leader since Mao Zedong, are increasingly mandatory...

...divided into six sections... people-centered development, innovation development, green development, coordination development, opening-up development, and sharing development.

...In essence, Xi Jinping Thought is not all that different from his predecessors’...

...China is clearly dedicated to enforcing an ever greater degree of ideological purity in higher education.

There is a fundamental incompatibility... One cannot simultaneously have world-class universities and rigid ideological servitude.

Fascinating. China and its lifetime leader, Xi, those who came up with and implemented it upon its people, a social credit system that aims to punish people with differing views has a certificate in an old communist ideology that is nothing different from past communist ideology except in one area - they want this kind of hard-line thought to go global.

The globe is the next frontier. Those with the most disciplined system for its people will be the one who is funded by the globalists. China will win. That is no accident.

Down with capitalism, freedom of thought, Caucasians, western thinking and borders. They will be replaced with global communism, stringent thought controls/censorship, no original cultures/tradition/religion and no borders or sovereign nations.

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