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Exclamation UK Confiscates Wealth Of People - Guilty Until Proven Innocent

UK Confiscates Wealth Of People - Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Excerpt: ...the UK used the first two Unexplained Wealth Orders.

Authorities have demanded that a woman living in London explain where she got the money to purchase her 11.5 million and 10.5 million homes. If she cannot prove the money was acquired legally, the properties will be confiscated.

- zerohedge.com

This is scary because ultimately when nations begin to take/confiscate/steal their citizen's money that is close to the end of that nation.

Either The People fight back... the state goes bankrupt... or both.

When nations; such as America collect record amounts of tax revenue yet are still in major debt... there's a problem and now we see the end result. People having their wealth stolen because they can't prove where it came from.

Didn't Hitler steal the wealth of the Jews in Germany?
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