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Exclamation America Played Too Big Of A Hand - Nations Now Dumping SWIFT

America Played Too Big Of A Hand - Nations Now Dumping SWIFT

Excerpt: ...if there is one thing humans are good at it is responding to known incentives. Once we can calculate the cost of one behavior over another we can then decide which one is more important to us.

Once costs of staying in SWIFT rise above the benefits of building your own alternative, you build an alternative.

Read the article in the link above. It's very good. Slowly, America is being shut out of a new global system. You see... America and its great wealth/military was used to push products on other nations and attack militarily some nations to keep this #1 status up... a kind of globalization or a pre-globalization.

Now the globalists have turned on America... a switch in the plan. Now it's time to destroy nationalism and American freedom or what could have been. Corrupt players have been placed in positions of power in America to guide her into the dumps from within her halls of power.

The ploy to make America look horrible is working. America has shot herself in the foot by abusing her power and now pay back is coming in the form of new financial systems being created by other nations which will lock America out.

Add into this equation the previous 4 or 5 presidents and we can see how we have been plunged into weakness. The destruction of America has accelerated.
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