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Default Create A Group With Meetup.com

Meetup.com is a great social site where one can create a group of like-minded people who can meetup and have discussions or events relating to their interest of choice.

Meetup.com allows people to organize, discuss and get active in support of their interest. The more people organize to discuss the validity of the research about globalization and the negative effects this current version is manifesting then the more people will recognize the importance of their culture, history, traditions and most importantly their unlimited mind. These are sacred pieces of us that created who we are today. Unfortunately those special qualities are disappearing. Imagine a world of people who not only look alike but also think alike.

All people of all backgrounds should be meeting up about globalization and their limited place in it and confront the extremists who exist within certain groups who spread the globalist agenda of division in order to bring about a new, passive cohesion under the future overlords of a global society.

There are 195 countries in existence. I am certain there are millions if not billions of people who will agree that this push of product placement, war and the consolidation of economies in order to control all people needs to stop.
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