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Default AI Mind-Reading Machine Reassembles People's Thoughts & Shows Them!

AI Mind-Reading Machine Reassembles People's Thoughts & Shows Them!

Excerpt: Out of 234 attempts, 210 were successfully categorised by the video.

Colours and large shapes were deemed the most successful, the report adds.

But human faces were harder to recreate with many distorted, researchers said.

- dailystar.co.uk

If government is spying on us now through our phones, computers and on the streets via CCTV and facial recognition software... don't you think that they'll take it to the next level and want our innermost thoughts in real-time?

If government wants to keep us "safe" as opposed to free by monitoring us, then they will justify the monitoring of our thoughts... a kind of pre-crime unit like the movie, Minority Report.

Nothing is off limits. We have allowed many nations to be invaded. Our minds are next.
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