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Exclamation Cartoon Network Features Intersex, Non-Binary Gender Identities For Kids

Cartoon Network Features Intersex, Non-Binary Gender Identities For Kids

Excerpt: A clip from the Steven Universe show made in partnership with the Dove Self-Esteem Project was uploaded to Twitter in which one of the characters says, “Let’s talk about social media, this is my page.”

The profile page belonging to the character reads “Intersex, non-binary, they-them.”

As the character is scrolling through the social media timeline, the words “Intersex rights are human rights!” and “Intersex Awareness Day October 28th” are displayed.

- summit.news

More propaganda made available to the youth via a children's network. Propaganda where scientific facts, biology... male and female is incorrect. That people are any sex they ascribe to at any time aka the destruction of reality in order to create a world where concrete facts, science and nature's laws aren't reality and in fact quite discriminatory... this is the destruction of the family unit for the future rulers, "progressive" globalists.

Let the brainwashing of children continue and the pulling away from nature increase.
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