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Default Doctors Advise How To Bypass Parents To Make Children Trans

Doctors Advise How To Bypass Parents To Make Children Trans

Excerpt: “Gender-affirming” doctors authored an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics of the BMJ (British Medical Journal) in which they advise the trans industry how they can prevail over parents who are reluctant to allow their children to participate in treatments, such as puberty blocker, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries.

- breitbart.com

Imagine seeing a pediatrician and he notices that your son likes the color pink and plays with dolls and he believes or states that your son is actually a girl trapped in a boys body. You disagree. He insists and tries to figure out a way to convince you otherwise... even with manipulation.

Is this a real, scientific doctor or is this more like the behavior of a cult that aims to manipulate your mind away from biological facts... real science?

I tell you... this is seriously dangerous and a movement that is being enforced by quacks.
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