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Default Porn Star Life Catches Up With Porn Star

Porn Star Life Catches Up With Porn Star

A top adult film actress has come forward to accuse the short-term lodging service of discriminating against her because of her work (Airbnb).

It's amazing how liberals and "progressives" will twist things around to make someone out as a victim. Everyone is a victim and discriminated against according to many extreme libs.

The complaint is:
Sex workers are an oft-unrecognized minority...

...they locked me out of my account and told me my profile was shut down.”

I’ve never shot porn in any Airbnbs in my name, and I didn’t have any complaints,” says Jay.

Airbnb's response: ...her access to the platform was restricted because Airbnb had found “advertised sexual services” and supplied a link to Jay’s official website and an escort site that had been set up in Panama.

- thedailybeast.com

So not only does she shoot porn in people's private homes (she said she only didn't under her name). That implies that she has. And she also advertises sexual services like a prostitute.

Why should Airbnb honor her business with her deceptive language and the clear advertising of what she offers? Airbnb has an obligation to respect people's private property and not run a brothel or a pornographic film studio.

We all know how the porn industry is full of drugs, abuse and rape of it's own employees on and off the set.

Airbnb is protecting its clients and their property from an underworld that is powered by billions of dollars, drugs and rape. There is nothing worth promoting in the world of porn as it seeks to create porn addicts just as the tobacco industry needs addicts to make a profit.

Porn destroys the lives of young people as well as relationships and marriages. It is an illusion based upon the basic instinct to mate and twists love into something ugly.
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