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Default Sex Doll Brothels Going Global - In Canada Now

Sex Doll Brothels Going Global - In Canada Now

Canadian men who would prefer the non-alcoholic beer of whore houses will be able to dip their wicks at North America's first sex-doll brothel in North America, so they claim.

Aura Dolls will open in a Toronto strip mall next month, advertising the "world's most beautiful silicone ladies" which can help you explore "any fantasy or fetish you desire without judgement or shame bringing the ultimate sexual experience."

- zerohedge.com

More places for pervs to stick their privates into a piece of plastic. A place where they can tear into a "woman" if they so desire and suffer no remorse for the damage that may inflict.

Talk about desensitization and creating a group of guys who will see "real" females as targets.

This is also a further division of men and women. If you thought #metoo was bad (the creator herself had sex with an underage male) you haven't seen anything yet. The rate for males asking females out on a date will plummet as young men drop their video game controller for a quickie with a plastic robot-woman down at the local brothel.

Births will ultimately plummet and families, the true source of power for men and woman (and independence from centralization) will die off in the future.

The only way a man will ever experience a semi-woman of flesh again will be to become a transgender woman. That's a whole mental illness right there.

Tongue-in-cheek about a serous topic.

This is messed up. What society is being created? Doesn't sound warm and fuzzy.
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