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Default Suicide Rates Soar As Corporations Dump Workers & Move Plants Overseas

Suicide Rates Soar As Corporations Dump Workers & Move Plants Overseas

Excerpt: The suicide rate in Ohio increased by 24 percent from 2008 to 2017, according to a new study analyzing vital statistics.

Michelle Price, program director at the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, added that the region has been hit by income losses affecting farmers and industrial workers.

- ohio.com

When a corporation leaves... when farmers can't make money and corporations buy up the family farm... when these working families go under and can't afford to make it... who's the culprit?

How is one supposed to stay motivated within when the system without is crushing them?

This is called economic terrorism. What these massive corporations have done to their employees... how the tariffs have hurt farmers... this is economic terrorism and its about profit margins and market share with no care for the workers who made the company in the first place.

Remember this---> Offshoring Corporations Benefits Only The Corporation
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