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Exclamation The Carnage Of Trump's Trade War - China Spreading Far & Wide

The Carnage Of Trump's Trade War - China Spreading Far & Wide

Excerpt: A new report from Reuters outlines how China has ditched US farmers for Argentina. An agreement between both countries is expected to be signed on Wednesday in Buenos Aires, describes how Argentina, the world's biggest exporter of animal feed, will allow China to import soy meal for the first time.

While boom times are here for Argentine farmers, a bust cycle is imminent for US farmers who are on the brink of collapse after being shut out of China thanks to President Trump's trade policies.

- zerohedge.com

As the US is viewed more and more as a racist, Nazi nation ran by a racist president due to the negative, 24/7 narrative spewed out by the liberal media and socialist, ANTIFA supporting democrats... Trump's trade-war hasn't helped US farmers.

It's one thing to constantly be lied about but the trade-war may be a big failure for the US as China spreads its influence across the planet from Europe/Russia, Africa and into South America... building infrastructure and modernizing many nations.

This is globalization... development of sovereign nations. This is influence.

We know that China has stolen many US secrets and product ideas, turning them into a manufacturing behemoth. How do we stop that? This trade-war isn't slowing China down. They are making strides in securing relationships with many while Trump boasts about his support numbers.

The repercussions will be painful on down the road. US farmers are already struggling. Is Trump actually the guy to destroy independent farming so corporate farmers can own it all? A monopoly?

Presidents are extensions of what globalists want imo. Each president has done something to weaken America or its core principles imo.

Bush Sr. brought war in the Middle East based on lies. Bush Jr. brought forth the surveillance state after 911. Obama and his staff helped ruin race relations, emboldening militants who are driven by vengeance for some (not all) false narratives. Will Trump be the president who destroys patriotism and American pride with his uber-patriotic ego and ability to destroy vast swaths of farming?
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