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Default VIDEO: Africa's Schools Being Commercialized - Less Public Education Available

VIDEO: Africa's Schools Being Commercialized - Less Public Education Available

Excerpt: Today, the poorest segments of the population are becoming, powerless that schools have become, so to speak, a commercial product, thus generating large profits.

Jean Marc Bikoko tells him, "the school is no longer a laboratory where knowledge is dispensed, but it is the demand of companies that prevail."

- africannews.com

How's that holy grail, globalization working out for the sovereign nations of the continent of Africa?

Apparently there is less access to public schools now as commercial or private schools have increased their foothold in Africa... meaning it costs a lot more money to go to school, barring poor, African population groups from becoming competitive with other educated people from differing nations.

So where's the outcry from the UN on this? The UN who claims to want to help educate the poor, undeserved and the unbanked?

This invasion of Africa by western nations, China and even the World Bank, the IMF and the UN is a ruse to develop Africa as these invaders see fit. The idea that Africans would be a sovereign, well-developed nation ran by the African culture and people is a lie.

Seriously. All globalists want is to control resources, supply chains and people. Now we see it in the new, lack of available education for all.

Remember this---> African Localism Being Replaced By Global Supply Chain

This---> Chinese Govt. + Huawei Tech Corporation Secretly Undermining African Leaders

This---> China To Take Over Kenyan Port Cause Kenya Can't Pay Off Loan
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