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Exclamation Kellogg's Cereal In With Gay & Lesbian Alliance (GLAAD) For New Campaign

Kellogg's Cereal In With Gay & Lesbian Alliance (GLAAD) For New Campaign

Excerpt: Breakfast cereal giant Kellogg’s is teaming with the advocacy group Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for an anti-bullying campaign featuring a new “All Together” cereal bringing many of its most famous cartoon characters onto one box front.

- breitbart.com

This is simply more of those who run the system aiming to normalize and mainstream the LGBTQ lifestyle to children through breakfast cereal... cartoon characters and all.

What the LGBTQ activists and the corporations and governments who support this aggressive activism don't seem to get or care about is that the majority of heterosexuals don't want the LGBTQ groups showing off or teaching their sexual perversion to our children in schools.

We don't want to be "All Together" in some warm grasp or hug. We want natural relationships between men and women and to procreate naturally and to have natural families.

Why can't the LGBTQ groups just live their lives and quit impressing their unnatural acts upon everyone else to the point that we have to get rid of him and her or mom and dad? This is insanity and we just keep saying "everything is acceptable".

Kellogg's (a global company) and so many other companies are towing the globalist line of creating chaos.

Not "All Together"---> Lesbians Fighting Back Against Transgender Ideology

UCSB Goes After Feminist Who Fights For Women From Trans Propaganda

VIDEO: Female High School Sports Being Washed Away By Trans Athletes
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