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Default What are Multinational Corporations all about?

What happens when a business gets so popular that the owner needs to hire extra staff and franchise the business out? Ultimately the owner may become the CEO or take a backseat and let the board run his or her growing corporation. But let's say that same company's numbers aren't as competitive as a similar companies. What happens?

If a corporation can't compete (for whatever reason) or just wants to make billions more in profits and/or become the largest company in their particular field they will do the following:

1.) Find cheap labor, cheap facilities, and inexpensive building materials overseas.
2.) Dump their local workers who helped build the company in the first place.
3.) Move the operation overseas but continue to sell to and/or supply the same customers in their homeland as well as branch out across the globe for increased sales.

This model has been repeated in America and other nations thousands of times over. The loyalty of a company to its employees has been replaced with loyalty to:

1.) Money
2.) Globalization

Some call this the model of capitalism. Capitalism is a broad term just as the term humanity is a broad term. One definition does not fit all. Therefore this hijacked version of capitalism is actually corporatism - the new model of how business gets done while displacing thousands of workers for foreign labor. It boils down to "economic terrorism". The ability for a corporation to pull up stakes and leave its people and homeland behind is nothing short of irresponsible abandonment.

Multinational corporations; such as McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Walmart, etc. follow this model. Not to simply sell but to spread their influence. One of the underlying results is that the world becomes globalized or "the same". Billions in profits are made while local cultures and traditions are replaced with modern ways of not only doing things, but thinking as well.

The dangers of having too many multinational corporations are clear. It is dangerous for the overall health and the security of the homeland that was left behind and even more dangerous for those countries filled with uneducated people who simply think the new influx of products are cool, hip, and trendy. This is one of the most powerful weapons globalists use to further the global agenda. Not only do they include businesses but banks (the control of money) also fall under the umbrella of multinational corporations.

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Video - China Bank ICBC To Advance Globalization
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