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Default How Predictive Technology May Be More Dangerous Than Privacy Surveillance

How Predictive Technology May Be More Dangerous Than Privacy Surveillance

Excerpt: “I get that it’s creepy to imagine they listen to your conversations,” said Raskin. “But isn’t it more creepy that they can predict what you’re talking about without listening in? It’s this little model of you. You are super predictable to these platforms. It’s about persuasion and prediction, not privacy.”

And the data can do more than that. As we’ve seen in the past few years, data can predict not just which shirt you might be willing to buy, but which topics are so emotionally charged you cannot look away from them — and which pieces of propaganda will work best upon you. And that makes the platforms that collect data at scale an amazing way to influence human beings. Maybe not you. Maybe not today. But it’s enough influence, at scale, over time, that the outcomes on the whole are both overwhelmingly consistent, and yet individually invisible.

Fascinating. Think about this for a moment. What if our data becomes so condensed, detailed and predictable that large companies or governments can literally categorize people as dangerous to an overbearing government by what books people read, what movies people choose to watch, what music people choose to listen too or what activities people may enjoy?

What if in the future there is a call by a paranoid political body to cull the herd so-to-speak. To go after people who have specific interests because in the past these same types have caused problems for government or leadership or lack-there-of?

See, this technology being developed by social media platforms is already being used to identify people who don't agree with "progressive" ideology and then they are censored from those social platforms for having a different viewpoint.

So you think that on-down-the-road the "system" wouldn't potentially round up those who might cause a problem; such as in the movie, Minority Report?

Information is power. Invisible information in the form of digital dossiers that have predictive algorithms attached to them for everyone... that's a problem.

It can get to a point where we as people won't be viewed as humans anymore but simply as numbers or statistics in the eyes of the growing overlords - globalists.
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