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Default VIDEO: "Contact Tracing" - Sugar Coating The Total Surveillance Of All People!

VIDEO: "Contact Tracing" - Sugar Coating The Total Surveillance Of All People!

Excerpt: That’s the next big government program to push for total surveillance over our lives. Now the real fallout from the Coronapocalypse comes to light.

If you don’t follow the State’s rules, no matter how petty, no matter how asinine you will be punished to the full extent of the law.

Do you really think this ‘contact tracing’ system won’t end up in the same kind of hell?

Now you’re a documented threat to other people’s lives! You’re an evil spreader, man! Think of the children!

- tomluongo.me

The VIDEO is interesting as it features ex-President Bill Clinton and California Governor Gavin Newsom as they discuss building the Contact Tracing army utilizing some resources such as Clinton Global Initiative and Americorp.

What's really scary about this is that this "contact tracing" is a way to sugar coat the notion of a total surveillance state under the guise of "helping people stay safe".

We have had our finances unraveled to be spied upon. We have had the NSA spy on us after 911. We have had the TSA created to go through all of our belongings at the airport... even being strip searched. Now we have an army being formed in the name of public health to figure out who we associate with and to quarantine us from our family if we test positive for Covid-19... never mind that you want to stay home.

It's all so intrusive as if we are the enemy... yet it is the politicians who institute all of this to keep themselves in power because they are the ones who fear us and our intelligence.
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