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Default Breaking Down Nations/Cultures Via Product Placement - Enter Facebook

Breaking Down Nations/Cultures Via Product Placement - Enter Facebook

Excerpt: Facebook is building a massive underwater cable around Africa, in an effort to bring more of the continent’s 1.3 billion inhabitants online.
The social media company has partnered with the likes of China Mobile, South Africa’s MTN, France’s Orange and Britain’s Vodafone as well as local network operators on the project, dubbed 2Africa.

A primary goal of the initiative, Facebook says, is to bring increased connectivity to Africa. The continent is “currently the least connected” in the world, the company wrote in a blog post Wednesday, with just over a quarter of its population having internet access.

Nevertheless, the move from Facebook highlights increased interest from Silicon Valley companies in Africa as a high-growth investment opportunity. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey last year said he planned on moving to the region...

- cnbc.com

Remember, globalization isn't just getting people to open bank accounts and to become a part of the financial system but it also utilizes the internet and social media. Why? So people make profiles of themselves, share their private thoughts online and to form an online set of data points.

Like getting the unbanked an account it is also imperative for the globalists to convince nations, natives and locals to get online so they can be watched and they can also have their opinions massaged in a certain direction.

You can bet that there is plenty of propaganda for these newbies to be fed. And you also saw how Silicon Valley can't wait to "invest" in Africa, make money and hold power there as well.

This is globalization. The washing over and away of local culture for the new replacement... "progressive" ideology to destroy natural relationships, family units and local religion.
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