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Default 7 Reasons Why Crypto Might Not Be The Answer

7 Reasons Why Crypto Might Not Be The Answer

Excerpt: Will people in 2030 buy goods, get mortgages or hold their pension pots in bitcoin, ethereum or ripple rather than central bank issued currencies? I doubt it. Existing private cryptocurrencies do not seriously threaten traditional monies because they are afflicted by multiple internal contradictions. They are hard to scale, are expensive to store, cumbersome to maintain, tricky for holders to liquidate, almost worthless in theory, and boxed in by their anonymity. And if newer cryptocurrencies ever emerge to solve these problems, that’s additional downside news for the value of existing ones.

This is a long-winded article that can be summed up easily by stating the obvious - private digital currencies might not be the answer because central banks want to control the money supply whether its in the form of cash or digital currencies.

If central banks release their "official" digital currency then privately created ones might not stand a chance and that's the point... globalists want to control a centralized system and the supply chain, not run a decentralized digital currency that allows anonymity.

Private cryptocurrencies; such as DASH... in fact all of them just might be an experiment for the central banks (not implying central banks created all crypto). They are simply waiting to see how this experiment unfolds.
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