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Default New Mormon Policy - LGBTQ Lifestyle No Longer An Apostasy

New Mormon Policy - LGBTQ Lifestyle No Longer An Apostasy

Excerpt: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Thursday (April 4) that church members in same-sex marriages will no longer be considered apostates. The policy change also clears the way for children of LGBT members to be baptized.

"One reason is that we need the Lord's direction to meet changing circumstances, and He has guided changes in practice and policy throughout the history of the Church," the statement said.

- ncronline.org

It was wrong from the beginning to deny children a baptism. They are children. They didn't choose a homosexual couple to raise them.

On the other point I can't help but wonder why the Mormon church would go lighter on the LGBTQ lifestyle? As I see it, it is a move to garner more followers and more monetary support.

As Hollywood, corporations and even government have pushed the LGBTQ lifestyle onto the masses as something to be celebrated and normalized, the church has felt the brunt by being called bigots, etc.

Now that the masses are adopting the LGBTQ lifestyle exponentially and it increases due to the propaganda espoused by the liberal media machine, churches are accepting that they must bend God's rules in order to remain profitable.

Clearly the backbone of the Mormon church is bending a bit. Bending in a way that helps the LGBTQ revolution against both nature and the covenant with God in this instance.
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