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Default The Broad Power Of Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain To Change The World

The Broad Power Of Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain To Change The World

These technologies have the potential to re-order the structure and processes of governance and of social relations. In this way, crypto-blockchain technologies are leveraging the potential of computers and the web for direct political-social innovation.

You can bank on this change coming 100%.

The issue is that cryptocurrencies must be decentralized so no one controls the flow of the digital coins. It cannot be controlled by a central bank and their blockchain. Decentralization would reinforce freedom and anonymity and it would also show faith in people.

A highly regulated web across the world for the flow of cryptocurrencies along with every purchase being monitored on the blockchain would be another move to spy upon us all and then judge us as friend or enemy.

Believe me, the definition of "enemy" is changing. Today it's if you support your nation, borders, working hard and owning property then you are an enemy.

The "friends" are those who hate the nation, hate borders, hate working and think private property is evil.Can you say upside down?

Keep the blockchain decentralized.
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